Our beautiful garden designs draw from your own story and personality to create delightful and meaningful outdoor living spaces. A place that stimulates the senses, promotes wellbeing and works in harmony with the environment. 

Our work perfectly combines artistic and technical excellence, expertly blending structure with nature, and our overall designs with the surrounding landscape. 

Dedicated to the highest levels of personal service we work with discerning homeowners, acting as their trusted advisor and creative partner, and opening up a world of possibilities to turn their vision into reality. 

We invite you to explore the experience of working with The Cheshire Garden. 

About The Cheshire Garden

The Contemporary Cottage Courtyard

We believe a garden should be a space that embraces all the senses: a gorgeous scent, the whisper of trees in the wind, the textures of grasses and leaves, a pretty aspect or the fresh, intense taste of home-grown herbs or vegetables.

We strive for the perfect balance of form and function, and we aim to encourage diversity of wildlife and harmony with the surrounding environment, re-using materials where possible.

 We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their vision by transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful and rewarding gardens, that will delight for years to come.