Every Garden Tells a Story

Welcome to The Cheshire Garden Design Studio

Our beautiful garden designs draw from your own story and personality to create delightful and meaningful outdoor living spaces. A place that stimulates the senses, promotes wellbeing and works in harmony with the environment. 

Our work perfectly combines artistic and technical excellence, expertly blending structure with nature, and our overall designs with the surrounding landscape. 

We are dedicated to the highest levels of personal service and work with discerning homeowners, acting as their trusted advisor and creative partner, and opening up a world of possibilities to turn their vision into reality. 

We invite you to explore the experience of working with The Cheshire Garden Design Studio. 

Every Garden Has a Story to Tell

And with a lifetime’s experience working in the design industry, The Cheshire Garden Design Studio’s Jane Bingham brings these stories to life. She excels at transforming unloved garden places into exquisite family spaces with incredibly intelligent, sustainable garden design.

As an acclaimed designer of everything from classic to contemporary gardens, Jane designs beautiful, highly accomplished garden spaces in all settings. Jane’s portfolio encompasses tiny roof terraces, city courtyards and urban settings to large scale private residences and country estates.

If you are considering commissioning a garden designer with the exceptional ability to create beautiful, liveable outdoor spaces, why not contact The Cheshire Garden Design Studio for your consultation with award-winning garden designer, Jane Bingham?

Your journey to your dream garden starts today.

How Can Professional Garden Design Benefit You?

So much more than just landscaping, professional garden design increases the visual appeal and value of your home, whilst giving you a garden that works as a beautiful, versatile living space through an exciting and enjoyable collaborative process.

The Cheshire Garden Design Studio Service

The Initial Consultation
During the initial visit, The Cheshire Garden Design Studio will create a detailed design brief to determine your dream garden.

The Site Survey
Detailed measurements will be taken as well as soil samples for analysis.

The Concept Design
Advanced software will enable you to envision your garden as an amazing 3D model.

The Design Masterplan
We compile the plans and specifications to create your bespoke garden design.

The Planting Plan
We create the perfect planting plan for your garden, which holds year-round interest and appeal.

The Project Build
We coordinate with contractors to ensure your project build runs smoothly from start to finish.

Project Completion
We offer a post-build package for your garden with maintenance and development recommendations.

About The Cheshire Garden Design Studio

The Contemporary Cottage Courtyard

We believe a garden should be a space that embraces all the senses: a gorgeous scent, the whisper of trees in the wind, the textures of grasses and leaves, a pretty aspect or the fresh, intense taste of home-grown herbs or vegetables.

We strive for the perfect balance of form and function, and we aim to encourage diversity of wildlife and harmony with the surrounding environment, re-using materials where possible.

 We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their vision by transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful and rewarding gardens, that will delight for years to come. 


Professional Garden Design across Cheshire, Wirral & North Wales