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Successful garden design is so much more than pretty colours and arranging plants. It’s an art, a process and a story.

Gardens are just as much about people as they are about plants. Here at The Cheshire Garden Design Studio, we are passionate about portraying a narrative with the gardens we design, reflecting the personality and story of those who live there. Whether it be a suggestion of childhood memories, places travelled or a love for food and herbs, a garden is such a personal space whose design should inject life and meaning.

A garden design should also consider how the space flows, how it sits in relation to the house and its surroundings, light and shade, texture and form, and its impact on wildlife and the environment.

Designing a garden and landscape is also a journey, and a creative partnership. So, whatever your story, our garden and landscape designs can bring it to life.

Our Design Process

After you have submitted an enquiry and completed our questionnaire, we will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

Jane with client

Initial Consultation

Your journey usually starts with an initial consultation. We will meet you at your property to discuss your garden and the likely scope of the project. Consultations can also be carried out via online video conferencing. We’ll talk about your objectives, aspirations, how you use the space and take into consideration the desired look, feel, and function. We’ll show you examples of other gardens we have created that may provide inspiration and discuss how certain elements can be achieved.

Following this initial consultation, we will produce a preliminary brief and fee proposal.

On approval, we will arrange for a garden survey and topographical survey to be carried out.

Garden survey

Once commissioned, we will arrange for a garden survey to be carried out. This will ascertain measurements including landforms, plants, buildings, structures and utilities. For larger and more complex projects we will commission a professional topographical surveying team to carry out the survey. This will ensure that all factors have been considered in order to draw up an accurate Base Plan upon which concept designs will be overlaid.

A Site Analysis will be carried out documenting considerations such as conservation areas, the local environment and wildlife as well as prevailing winds, aspect and soil. We will also take detailed photographs which will feed into the design process.

Depending on the complexity of the land, we sometimes need to bring other specialists such as planning consultants, arboricultural surveyors, structural engineers, environmental egologist, or asbestos surveyors to consider the full extent of the project. On occasion, we may need to consult with the local council if your property is in a conservation area or an area of archaeological importance.

Jane Bingham with Cheshire Surveys
Mood Board

Creative design

We will create a design of the proposed scheme, along with mood boards, and present these to you, either in person or online via Zoom Video Conferencing. This graphical visualisation of the proposed design is a great starting point for discussion which will then evolve as ideas flow. We include three iterations of the design concept to reflect your feedback and preferences.

We act as your creative advisor and friend, guiding and advising you every step of the way to ensure you are completely happy with the design.

Visuals and finished layout

This next stage brings your vision to life with a finished layout of the design with planting suggestions. This will include 3D visuals of how the final design will look.

We will also provide Specification and Construction Drawings so that the landscape contractors can quote and build accurately and to plan.

Construction Phase

Construction Phase

We work closely with several teams of landscape contractors with different specialisms and experience. We will select a team that suits your specific project – or if you prefer you can use your own contractors to carry out the work. We provide a project monitoring service, with regular onsite visits and liaison between contractors to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Planting plan, design & supply

The final phase is the planting design to bring your garden to life. This is an exciting and collaborative stage that should lead us to assemble the perfect selection of plants, tailor made to thrive in your garden. We work closely with local nurseries that supply the highest quality plants for all our projects.

We will also advise on maintenance programmes to help you keep your garden looking its best.

All our work is delivered to the highest of standards, working in a flexible and efficient way to make the process as enjoyable as possible and create the perfect outdoor living space.


Start your journey with us today, complete our online questionnaire and we will contact you.