The Contemporary Cottage Front Garden

Project Value*


When we first saw this front garden, it consisted of a large expanse of lawn with a driveway and path to one side. There was a cherry tree with a preservation order, part way down the drive. The drive was part tarmac and part gravel, with a setts rumble strip between these two surfaces. The clients wanted a more formal layout, with a Mediterranean feel, and favoured purples, reds and oranges.

Drawing from the shape of the pitched roof on the porch, our design introduced a symmetrical diamond shaped pattern of lawns and gravel paths, connecting the house entrance to the driveway halfway down. On the opposite side of the garden there is a paved area for a pretty, painted wrought iron seat. For the paths we used the same Cheshire pink gravel as the driveway, and we replicated the sandstone setts near the house, and near the seat.

Along with rosemary and lavender, four Italian cypresses evoke the Tuscan landscape, whereas the formal garden is planted with neat box hedging. Softening these shapes are a number of box balls in different sizes. Those spheres were also echoed by purple thistle, and allium of various kinds. Near the house a Magnolia ‘Genie’ will balance the height of the cherry tree. Pops of purple and orange colour are provided by tulips, foxgloves and lupins, whereas snowdrops and Narcissus ‘Thalia’ will bring the garden to life early in spring. Our clients have told us their garden is the envy of the village. Since it was completed, the postman takes the gravel path to the front door rather than crossing the lawn, and the girl delivering leaflets makes sure she does a figure-of-eight around the pathway before delivering them.

* These are approximate values at today’s prices (2024).