The Country Garden In The Hills

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A Symphony of Nature: The Cheshire Garden Design Studio’s Countryside Masterpiece

By Jane Bingham, The Cheshire Garden Design Studio

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Cheshire Garden Design Studio, where nature’s beauty harmonises with impeccable design to create a country garden like no other. Nestled amidst rolling hills and breathtaking countryside, this large country garden showcases a carefully curated selection of plantings that will delight the senses throughout the year. Join us on a journey through the garden’s distinct areas, each with its unique character and charm.


The Graceful Lawn Area: A Curved Oasis

The garden’s journey begins on a sprawling lawn area, where the design cleverly incorporates a gently curving planting bed. This area is a testament to our commitment to blending aesthetics with functionality. As the terrain can get quite wet during the winter months, we opted for hardy yet elegant choices like Taxodium distichum (Swamp Cypress), and Betula, commonly known as birch. These trees not only tolerate the damp conditions but also add vertical interest and natural grace to the landscape.

We believe in creating a garden that surprises and delights year-round. Hence, we employed successional planting techniques to ensure there is never a dull moment. Fragrant flowering plants and evergreen foliage ensure a constant tapestry of colours and textures, no matter the season.


The Courtyard: Formal Elegance with a Flourish of Colour

Stepping into the courtyard, visitors are greeted by a symphony of formal planting that exudes timeless elegance. Here, standard bay trees take centre stage, standing tall and proud amidst a carpet of evergreens and perennials. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ lends its delicate charm, while Hesperantha coccinea ‘Pink Princess’ adds a colour in the autumn. The courtyard is a welcoming space that invites quiet contemplation as well as acting as a functional dining space.


The Japanese Woodland Haven: A Tranquil Escape

The central area of the garden embraces the serenity and tranquillity of a Japanese woodland setting. Acers, with their captivating foliage, stand alongside majestic Rhododendrons, red-stemmed Cornus (Dogwood), and evergreen Hollies, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Ferns and Euphorbia add softness and elegance, while evergreen ground cover plants weave a seamless tapestry beneath the towering giants. This is a space to feel at one with nature, where each step unveils a new wonder waiting to be discovered.


The Driveway Entrance: A Mini Arboretum

The driveway entrance has been transformed into a mini arboretum. The magnificent Betula nigra, or river birch, greets visitors with its distinctive peeling bark, while the Amelanchier, or June Berry, invites guests to witness the delicate beauty of its blossoms in early spring. The Liquidambar, or Sweet Gum, graces the garden with its dazzling autumn colours, leaving visitors awe-struck all year round.


Looking Towards the Future

While several areas of this country garden have been masterfully designed and brought to life, there is still much more to come. As The Cheshire Garden Design Studio, we eagerly anticipate continuing our relationship with this client, further transforming other corners of this Eden into havens of natural wonder.

This project has been a testament to the power of thoughtful design, meticulous planning, and a genuine love for nature. Each area of the garden reflects the harmonious relationship between the architecture of the house, built from local stone, and the surrounding landscape. Diverse plants have been carefully selected to thrive in specific conditions, we have crafted a garden that tells a story of beauty, resilience, and ever-changing allure.


At The Cheshire Garden Design Studio, we believe that a garden is not just a space but an expression of the people who inhabit it. It is a living canvas that evolves with time, embracing the seasons and weaving dreams into reality.

* These are approximate values at today’s prices (2024).