The Large Country Garden in Cheshire

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The Large Country Garden in Cheshire – The Wellness Garden

Gardeners already know that nurturing a garden is more than medicine. Gardens stimulate and engage the senses and have an uplifting impact on our mood and general state of wellbeing. With social prescribing being promoted by the NHS and wellbeing gardens growing in our communities, The Cheshire Garden Design Studio was ahead of the curve when creating a garden design for Ian and Tracy’s stunning former Cheshire farmhouse that recognises the role between gardening and great physical and mental health.

The garden and its ever-evolving landscape provide respite from the busyness and chaos of society and a powerful antidote to the growing sense of overwhelm experienced in the modern world. The act of sowing seeds and watching them grow, of forging a connection to the earth and to those creatures who inhabit it, whilst working with the natural seasons and cycles, creates an environment which is naturally meditative.

There is a serenity in the garden that cannot be found elsewhere. With our hands steeped in soil, surrounded by plants, shrubs and trees, and with complete absorption in the present moment, simply stepping out of our back door and into our green space means we can lose ourselves in nature to find ourselves again. Alongside our gardens, we can grow and heal.

Inspired architecturally by Arley Hall’s herbaceous border, The Long Border boasts a mouth-watering, vibrant colour palette. Drawing from Biddulph Grange’s spectacular showpiece, The Dahlia Walk, yew trees, cuboids, domes and hedges provide a recurring theme and create a sense of connection across each of the gardens.

The Patio, Pergola and Pod showcase The Cheshire Garden Design Studio’s impeccable eye for design by creating both communal spaces that encourage social interaction when entertaining and private seating areas to enjoy solitude and contemplation. Within this remarkable garden landscape there are spaces and places that suit every emotion.

The Winter Garden holds much-needed splashes of colour and interest that brighten both landscape and mood even on the bleakest, darkest days with planting to encourage birds and native wildlife.

The Parterre, the formal garden, features the traditional box hedging which beautifully complements the architecture of the house, sitting in direct contrast to the fluidity of the Woodland Walk, an Infinity symbol, which serves as a subtle reminder to find balance and equilibrium whilst walking the path, the white stem Birches forming a pleasing focal point, inspired by the Tate Modern.

The Cheshire Garden Design Studio effortlessly intertwines the architecture, the landscape, and the people into a spellbinding narrative, creating a series of garden rooms that are both seamlessly interwoven whilst remaining at the forefront of inspirational garden design.

The transformation of The Paddock into a Kitchen Garden inspired by Rhode Hall, the creation of The Orchard and The Wildlife Pond, is the next phase of this garden’s evolution and with Ian, the mindful gardener, and The Cheshire Garden Design Studio’s Jane Bingham at the helm, the future of this garden could be in no better hands.

* These are approximate values at today’s prices (2024).