Whether you need a full planting service that combines both design and planting, or you simply want a revamp of existing borders, we provide high quality specimens, including architectural plants, shrubs, perennials, trees, hedging and successional planting to enhance the overall appearance and colour of your garden all year round, without the need for construction.

We take into account the type of soil, drainage, the aspect of your garden, light and shade, so that we can create a perfectly synchronised planting design with beautiful combinations of colour to suit your style and garden.

We will also provide a plant maintenance plan and ongoing seasonal care for lasting harmony and colour.

We love the fact that the garden will develop over time and be ever-changing, through the seasons and the years.  Happy accidents will occur, such as self-seeding plants, which will ensure mini surprises and create biodiverse habitats within the garden, to maximise wildlife – regardless of whether the garden is created to encourage wildlife, or is simply a ‘regular’ garden.

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