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The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on all of our lives, changing how we work, socialise and otherwise spend our time. For many of us, as social distancing restrictions continue, the home has become an even greater focus than usual. Maybe you are spending more time in your garden and have ideas about how it might be improved. Perhaps you had already planned to have your garden re-designed this year. The Cheshire Garden continues to offer its expertise in landscape design and can help you to achieve the garden of your dreams even during lockdown.


Our Services

The Cheshire Garden is available to support you in getting the most from your outdoor space. We are able to:

  • Design your garden during lockdown ready to be built as soon as restrictions are lifted;
  • Design planting schemes with detailed instructions so that you can position and plant yourselves and can enjoy the results all the sooner;
  • Source high quality and distinctive plants from trade nurseries where you have designed a planting scheme yourself.

Initial Consultation

Jane Bingham

If you are interested in any of the services offered by The Cheshire Garden, please contact our garden designer, Jane, to arrange a remote consultation by one of the following methods:

You will be asked to provide photos of your garden, rough measurements and details of your garden design requirements.

The Cheshire Garden will then provide a cost estimate for its garden design and/or planting design services. In order help you understand how you can successfully manage your budget, a cost estimate for the whole project will also be provided.

Delivering the project

If, following the initial consultation, you wish to proceed with the project the following process will be followed:

  • The Cheshire Garden will either arrange for a topographical surveyor to carry out a detailed garden survey or will instruct you how to complete the survey yourself.
  • The Cheshire Garden will create Concept Designs in 3D and a final design layout (Masterplan) which will be presented to you via Zoom before being sent by email.
  • The Cheshire Garden will produce a specification so that landscape contractors can quote for carrying out the build, to be scheduled as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted.
  • The Cheshire Garden will produce a planting plan and plant list via Shoot Gardening which will be sent to nurseries for sourcing and pricing.
Plant Positioning
  • The Cheshire Garden will instruct you on how to position and plant your plants via Zoom and will be on hand remotely to provide any assistance you may need.

A business you can rely on

The Cheshire Garden has a strong track record in delivering high quality design and a professional and supportive service for its clients. Although like all businesses we have had to adapt quickly to working remotely, you can be assured that the standard of the service we provide will be as high as ever. If you would like to have the garden you have always dreamed of, please get in touch.

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